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13 Reasons to live Empty 13 Reasons to live

on Tue Mar 26, 2019 4:00 pm
Despite the struggles I’m going through, I have reasons to live because I can grow and change. As long as I’m holding myself and not giving up then I’m making progress.

13 Reasons to live

1. You can change yourself for the better, if you give up you lose your chances to improve

2. The world needs people like you to show others that struggles are okay and that you can overcome adversity

3. You can inspire others with your stories, you may not feel like there’s anyone who cares but the world would not be the same place without you in it

4. You influence the lives of others around you and if you die, they will miss you

5. Life brings many opportunities to appreciate the universe like the stars and sun and you need to be alive to enjoy it

6. Leaving behind an energy signature of sadness and things left undone and not being able to change since you gave up is sad for everyone including you

7. Suicide is permanent and you won’t be able to meet the people who will build you up because you have extinguished your life and your light

8. As long as you are still living and holding on, you are strong because you were made to live this life and are strong enough to survive the dark times

9. You don’t want to let the critics and the negative emotions win, you are more than that. You are a fighter and can fight to stand

10. Don’t give up because you won’t have a future to create. You may not see a future yet, but the darkest nights can make the stars shine brighter

11. Feel that beat in your heart? That’s the beat of your life and that’s precious. Your body always tries to make yourself feel better. If you feel sad, you’re heart rate slows down and you feel colder. Don’t let life slip away from you and hold on to your dreams. Your body is telling you with your slowly beating heart that although you may be broken, you are still breathing and you can still live and grow

12. Feeling empty in life and like no one cares? Treat yourself, remind yourself that you deserve to be healthy and that you are important. You were put in this world for a reason. There is no junk in the world, you may not know your purpose but that’s okay. Don’t let others define your happiness and take time to look at who you are and who you want to be

13. Remember that you are special and strong enough to survive this life. And be proud of how far you’ve come and not how far you have to go. Life is worthwhile because you can make a difference in the world. If you give up, you won’t be able to create the world you want to see or the self you want to be.
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