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Coping with Sadness Tip  Empty Coping with Sadness Tip

on Tue Mar 26, 2019 4:08 pm
Every day is a time to learn and grow and discover more of yourself. Your flaws are like the mud and soil that will provide the ground for your spirit to grow. If there was know dirt then no one would have a base to establish their roots. I agree that people would benefit from seeing the interconnectedness of life and look beneath the surface to see the cosmic patterns of diversity that underlie the world that is around them. People have to listen to their own feelings and not supress them because they think feeling them makes them weak or that their feelings don't fit into what other people think. If people keep seeking to make others happy while they hurt and hide, there will come a time when they have no resources left to help others or themselves. If a person is creative and listens to the music of their heart, that person can dance to life's beat and be happy living their purpose. I love you for being the special person you are and for being imperfect. Your imperfections make you a beautiful person because they impart you with compassion and a creative wisdom that helps inspire others. It's okay if you feel lost or detached at times because sometimes people have to step outside of themselves to understand who they are and to escape from the false illusionary self that encases them. Just be accepting of your feelings and if you feel numb it's okay. Numbness is a way for a person to protect themselves from pain. When a person is numb, they have beared much pain and they try to protect themselves by numbing. The people who are numb and lost are often the strongest because they have been through many struggles. The numbness is a way to stop the emotions from being too overwhelming. We build up layers to protect ourselves much like an onion and when we peel them back it stings and brings
tears. But you must embrace the parts of you that feel lost and acknowledge the layers you've built up. Ask yourself why you have built up the layers and explore the events of your life that have caused you to become the way you are. This is like a past life regression where you look upon your events without judgments just being with them and perceiving them with your five senses and accepting that they are okay and the bad things are not who you are as a person, but play the role of you learning how to be stronger.

There may be some memories that are hard to bring up or have resistance when brought to mind, don't fight the feelings just be with them and say "I understand that I'm not okay with this now. I understand that I may not be ready to accept this yet, but I'm okay. I perceive without judgment and each day I come closer to bringing the negative parts to the light." Just imagine yourself like an onion peeling back the layers, seeing what events shaped those layers. Notice the sights, sounds, smells, touch and tastes, explore it in every detail. Allow yourself to become familiar with how and why you create this state or layer of yourself that keeps you from being free to be your true self. Imagine you can put the experiences of one layer on a sheet of paper and watch yourself take a torch and set fire to the paper. As the paper burns and turns to ash, say "I am burning away my false selves. Negativity in me turns to ash as I remove the layers, one by one. I allow myself to become freer and
a new person arises. Every day I become more aware of the layers and each day they fall back until soon, very quickly I am my true self."
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