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Lesson 5: Spiritual Hygiene Empty Lesson 5: Spiritual Hygiene

on Sat Mar 16, 2019 12:27 pm
Spiritual Hygiene
Lesson 5: Spiritual Hygiene Empath

Hello. Welcome to the lesson on spiritual hygiene. In this lesson, we will cover what spiritual hygiene is and I will go over a few exercises that you can perform in order to cleanse your auras.

What is spiritual hygiene?
According to Ancestralwisdom.com, spiritual hygiene, by definition, is "a set of practices that are concerned with maintaining a clean subtle body to promote and maintain physical health and well-being. JUst as dirt accumulates on your skin, energies constantly accumulate on your subtle body in your home. It affects how you feel, what you think, how others perceive you, what effects you have on your surroundings, how much you are in touch with yourself, and how much stress and fear you have in your life."

Why do you need it?
Your own energetic field is mainly based off of your own intentions as well as those around you, just as I have said earlier. Every day, you are exposed to and are attracting negativity without having to do anything spiritually. The negativity can stick to your aura if you don't do anything about it. Then, your energy has an imbalance which can greatly affect your health and your mind. So, where does the spiritual hygiene comes in? Well, it makes sure that your auras and chakras are negativity free so that they can move freely throughout your body. 
If you are a witch, pagan, psychic, etc and you do more spiritual work, then spiritual hygiene can be more crucial and it is recommended that you clean it more often. As a warning, if you have psychic abilities, you are more likely to be a target for psychic attacks. This can easily be avoided by grounding yourself. If you are not familiar with "grounding", then stick around for some exercises.

Now that you know what spiritual hygiene is and why it is important, all that is missing is how to practice it so you won't absorb everybody's negative energy. Here are a few exercises that you can try out for yourself.

1. Tree Grounding
This is an easy Wiccan technique that can be practiced once or twice a day if needed. This exercise is better performed while standing on your feet, especially if this is your first time trying this. Alright, so, the first thing you do is make sure you are standing up with your feet flat on the ground. Close your eyes and take three deep breathes. Feel how your feel is easily planted on the ground. Imagine your feet growing roots and then sinking into the floor until they have researched the Earth's core. Now, send all your worried, negative vibes, and everything that is holding you back, through the roots, down towards the Earth. You can keep doing that for as long as you need to. When you are done, bring your awareness back to your head. Now, imagine leaves and roots growing from your head and into the sky, bringing out a pure white light flowing to your head and throughout your body. You are now filled with pure light and energy.

2. Chakra water cleansing
This one is really simple. Get a bowl of water, which can be any kind of water you want (pure, salt, blessed, etc.)
Then, you are going to stay standing and dip your fingers in the water. Touch each area of your charkas with your fingers and say this out loud. "with sacred water, I cleanse my chakra from all impurities". It is just that simple. You can practice this as many times as you need to.

3. Shower cleansing
Here is another simple one that you can do while you are showering in the morning or at night. While you are in the shower, imagine a nice, pure, white, beautiful cleansing light in the water that is pouring on you. This light is currently washing away all of the negativity within your body. You can then imagine the negativity flowing back to the Earth's ground as the water is flowing down the drain.

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