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Positivity Quotes  Empty Positivity Quotes

on Tue Mar 26, 2019 4:05 pm
StarDragon and PhoenixHeart thought it might be nice if we have a forum dedicated to positive words of wisdom or quotes that we enjoy. They can be uplifting messages from famous people or lessons and quotes we discovered/write ourselves.

After many attempts of accepting and letting go of my failures, I have written my own quote: "Know that you may not achieve all your dreams, but behind every closed door a new one is ready to be opened leading you on a new path of adventure. Just because one dream is gone doesn't mean you can't open another door and find another dream and keep going for happiness in life." I've been inspired to write this quote from all the dreams I've let go of. It used to be hard for me to accept failure, but I now know that without failure, we wouldn't be able to learn from our mistakes and bring success.

Feel free to make comments!

Best wishes,
StarDragon and PhoenixHeart
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